Cost Containment Services

In addition to core workers’ compensation claim administration services, SISCO offers customized cost-containment services to facilitate healthcare resources and information in an effort to mitigate long-term costs. Experience has shown that these services are crucial in effectively managing claims and controlling claims costs.

SISCO's cost containment programs greatly exceed those provided by our competitors as our integrated, personalized services have been proven to result in reduced claim liabilities and payments for the self-insured.

We understand that client communication is critical to our success; our clients know that they can call us the moment a problem occurs and we will assist them throughout every step of the process.

SISCO’s portfolio of cost containment services include:

Early Intervention: SISCO establishes early contact with claimants in order to establish a positive relationship, ensure timely service delivery, and foster effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies to ultimately control the claim. 

Enhanced Medical Bill Review: SISCO can reduce the turn-around time on medical bill processing and improve the entire cost-containment process. We will review medical bills and process for payment within jurisdictional mandates and check for usual and customary services.  Our expert staff reads for double billing and is trained to identify fraud.

Nurse Case Management: SISCO’s specialized consultants facilitate, monitor and evaluate medical treatment plans and testing through field visits and/or phone consultations.  They also establish return-to-work plans and continually evaluate and adjust the strategies for effectiveness.