Absence Management

Most businesses would be surprised by how much employee absences really cost and how straightforward it is to reduce those costs with an Integrated Absence Management program.  This program can combine every aspect of an organization’s workers’ compensation, FMLA, and short-term disability administration into a single, convenient program that can:

  • Reduce duration of disability/workers’ compensation
  • Minimize potential litigation
  • Decrease total costs associated with absences
  • Get employees back to work faster, where appropriate
  • Boost productivity
  • Give employees and HR staff a single, knowledgeable contact person

A customized integrated absence management program aims to reduce the costs to your organization by shortening the duration of disability leaves.  Reducing the duration of claims should also have a positive impact on the medical costs associated with the absence.

SISCO’s portfolio of absence management offerings include:

Workers’ Compensation Administration: SISCO provides a claims management platform to clients who self-insure all or a portion of their workers’ compensation exposure or loss.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): SISCO’s integrated platform can address the often cumbersome administrative components of FMLA rights, medical certification forms and review, absence tracking, and return-to-work notices. Outsourcing the administration of FML ensures you remain compliant with all federal and state mandates, reduce potential fines or litigation, and significantly reduce the amount of time your employees spend on administration. 

Short-Term Disability: With a single point of contact, SISCO can provide easy claim filing and fast claim determination – with a return-to-work focus. Coordination through a single-source platform eliminates the potential of dual payment from Workers’ Compensation and Short-term disability and potentially can lower the litigation relating to the denial of Workers’ Compensation claims.

Long-Term Disability:  SISCO can help review your assets and liabilities to determine the appropriate long-term disability solution.